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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Sidney Sheldon was a prolific writer up until his death last week. With multiple best sellers and a whole host of successful novels he has left an impact on the publishing world and in the lives of his readers. At the risk of raising the ire of thousands of Sheldonites, I did not enjoy his books. Then again, I wasn’t really the market he was writing towards. His content and style has never really gripped me and I failed to get much satisfaction from many of them(except The Doomsday Conspiracy). What I could appreciate was the fact that he had a model that worked. Many of his books follow the same basic pattern with the twist at the end and speak of the trials and success of women. It is a pattern that made him successful and appealed to the market he captured. It is a secure way to do business-find what works and keep doing it, with modifications along the way as times change. I’m not saying it’s the best way, but it sure made Sidney Sheldon a lot of money.

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