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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Image is everything

Advertising gears a world to product and image. We spend hours in the gym and a fortune on clothing and grooming products. For many the car we drive and the neighbourhood we live in determine our worth and value in the eyes of others. Often this all takes place at the expense of character and moral development. We judge and are judged by the external image we portray without bothering to see what’s on the inside.
I’m not against looking good, I buy new clothes and gym regularly. But who wants to open a well-wrapped box that says “Belgium Chocolate, 70% cocoa solids” only to find a scattering of stale nuts dipped in substandard goo that barely passes as flavoured sugar, let alone chocolate.

I have had people tell me that I should no let the personal issues in peoples lives determine whether or not I should hire them; after all, what they do in their free time is their business. So, is a man who treats his wife like a kitchen rag going to treat the women in the workplace any better, or is a woman who can’t stick to budget at home going to have the same problems in handling the office petty cash? How can you trust someone in business who repeatedly asks you to lie to his wife about his whereabouts?

I love the concept of ‘wyswig’-what you see is what you get-to know that the well-groomed gentleman who walked in carries with him a presence of a character and integrity that I can trust. At the same time, I would much rather deal with a “shady looking” young man in a “skater” rig that will get the job done than some young fob who can’t tie his own shoelaces. What do you think?

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