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Friday, March 06, 2009

So the tour continues in a hectic fashion, I spent three days indoors without spending more than 5 minutes outdoors as we ran from venue to venue. Have to say that would not enjoy spending my life like that permanently.

I am incredibly grateful for the gym at the moment as it keeps my gut from expanding past my belt. Food is abundant, frequent and generaly fake. The level of processed gunk available is a little mindblowing-I mean literally mindblowing, that much sugar has got to rot more than just your teeth.

While on the topic of sugar here's a fun lifestyle experiment. Take a large glass and a teasppon. Now each time you add a spoon of sugar to something, place the same quantity in the glass. Now to make it more fun. Eat time you eat something with sugar, corn syrup,or sucrose on the label add an extra spoon to your glass. Watch the amount in there at the end of a day or week. Now if ou want to be really disgusting imagine eating that all in raw form! Now you can decide if you want to cut back a little.

PS you can use a similar method to try out any potential addictions. Watch TV and put a glass marble in a bowl for every 10 minutes you spend glued to the idiot box. See how much time you spend.

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