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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Lighter Side of America

So I've been here for a week now, a rather fast and furious introduction to the 'American Dream'. It is easy to talk about the things I like about Seattle, and it is probably the same as many others; snow, the clear signs, wide roads, Starbucks. A little more interesting are the oddities that, as an outsider, fill me with mirth and amusement. Lets start with drug adverts. It is mandatory to list the side effects of drugs during a commercial. There is one for a sinus decongestant that lists effects including viral infection and nasal congestion. Then there is the rheumatoid arthritis med that promises side effects inclding disability, disfigurement and death. I can see it now; "Hey hon, I'm just popping down to the drugstore to pick up some death pills, I may not be back..."

The coffee flavour syrup that includes 'natural and artificial flavours'-seriously why bother with the eco friendly at all.

Went to a restaurant last night-rather pleasant and very busy. As with most public toilets there was the compulsory wheelchair access loo. Only one snag-I'd love to see any wheelchair user manouver their machine through all the highly tensioned sprung doors that lead to it. The fact that they all open one way means that you can get to the toilet in a wheelchair, but getting out again may be a little more fun.

Can't wait to see the parking spaces for the blind...

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