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Monday, March 23, 2009

Broadening Your Scope

Exposure enhances vision.

It is estimated that the average person in Africa is behind their international counterparts by about 10 years in terms of exposure to what the world has to offer. That’s despite the Web, although there are many in Africa that do not have access to it.

Each time I travel out of Zimbabwe I am reminded of what is lacking here, but also exposed to new and better things. This time was no different. The one thing I will say about America is that it is huge. It is a huge landmass for starters, but it has huge cities. I was amazed by the level of organisation that exists to keep a city as large as Seattle growing, functional and operational. Be it from planning roads to collecting the trash in a manner that prevents a Wall-E type disaster.

As an aside I’ve been to large cities before (J’burg, London) but have never really appreciated that side of things before. I guess greatness and magnification is what stood out for me most on this trip.

If you have the chance to travel outside of your comfort zone, to see the world seize it with both hands it’s worth it.

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