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Monday, September 08, 2008

Going Bumpers

Seriously, do ‘Jesus’ bumper stickers really work? Or, are they just a major marketing gimmick to appeal to well meaning Christians who can use them as an alternative to opening their mouth and speaking the gospel of the Kingdom into the lives of those around them?

Apart from giving me another reason to be rude about your bad driving and increasing the chance of a rear end collision as I try to read the small print, I fail to see how effective they are as a tool to enhance the cause of Christianity. But I’m willing to do a little research. So, if your life has been radically, positively altered by the presence of a ‘Jesus’ bumper sticker (and the satisfaction of punching someone’s lights out after a rear end collision does not count as positive) please let me know. You can mail me or post a comment here.

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