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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Countername

Companies and Salespeople have long recognised the impact of using a client’s name during a sale. They will get your name, either by reading secretly from your debit card or from your loyalty card, or just plain ask you, and will use it as a matter of principle. The effect-to make you think that they know you, this increases their chance of a higher sale and that you will come back again. The customer (i.e. you) is not without their own similar weapon- which I have termed the “countername”. Many places have their staff wear a name badge that proudly displays their chosen moniker to all and sundry. While this can be a total embarrassment to the salesperson if their parents had the misfortune to name them after a long extinct species of buzzard, it has its uses. This display of friendliness can be exploited to get better service. It’s really simple-you read said name badge and use their name in conversation. Ah, now you have a relationship developing; good for you in better service, good for company in loyal customer.

Do you know the name of the doorman at your company/favourite hotel/restaurant? How about the guy who always serves you coffee at your usual caffeine stop? Sometimes it’s the ‘small’ people who can get you a bit extra. Need a table at the restaurant quickly-do you know the maitre’d? Need an urgent cab-do you have your local cabbie on speed dial? It starts with a name and just gets better from there.

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