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Monday, September 01, 2008

Action-No Action

Summer has fired its first salvo into Zimbabwe with a sudden spell of dry heat that, unless you are protected by good cooling system, dulls one into a languid state of inactivity. In a nation where many are already lulled into lethargy by the political and economic situation energy sapping heat is paralysing.

Action. Activity. Doing. Implementation. Creativity. Lots of words that can be about as paralysing as the heat. I have lost count of the number of courses, conferences, sermons and inspirational talks that I have attended that leave you with a mind blowing tingle that fades after a few days/hours/minutes with no resulting, lasting change. The simple fact is that without implementation all the knowledge in the world achieves nothing. To be a doer and not a hearer only can be the most challenging experience. Hearing in general is a passive process whereas doing requires action, and action that will bring about a change in our environment. Can you imagine the phenomenal change that might occur if we applied just one practical aspect of what we have learnt each week and then made it a lifetime habit?

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