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Friday, July 13, 2007


Will stay away from diatribe about Zimbabwe today-or I’ll just get all angry and irritated.

Got a rejection letter from a literary agent this week. Was a little surprised by my response which was basically an ‘oh well, move on to the next one on the list’. It could have sidelined me, made me give up and bin my manuscript. Instead I went home and worked on my second. Why did I not take it badly? I guess it’s because my vision in this area is so strong. I have a firm picture in my mind and it’s stronger than the image of failure. I know I will publish successfully (that includes selling the book-I don’t plan on self publishing and never selling a copy, that would be stupid). That image helps me ride through the temporary setbacks. J.K. Rowling had multiple rejections before publishing her first book, and now the entire (ok almost) world is waiting with baited breath for the final instalment of the ‘Harry Potter’ series. While I make no claims to be as good a writer, or to follow the same path of success, it gives hope.

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