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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Lost Art of Butter Rolling

Butter rolling??!!! For those not in the restaurant industry, this refers to the ability to roll butter into the cute little balls that you are served with when frequenting certain establishments. Now I'm sure someone has a machine to do it automatically, but we get to do it manually with two paddles of wood. The trick is a light touch and to think round. You visualise the perfect ball you want and your brain takes care of the rest-perfect every time. Such is the power of visualisation. Humans are goal oriented-we move toward that which we think about. Research has proven that correct mental rehearsal improves results of tasks-remember that next time you face something a little difficult.

Sound freaky and wierd-yip it is, but it works. Try driving through town thinking about red lights-you'll hit ever stupid one. But think green...

Ever woken up and thought that you'll have a bad day-guess what-yup, better curl up again. Ever had your day go exactly how ou planned it-bet you it happens more often than not. So spend a little time planning your day in the morning, imagine what it will be like, then go out and flow into it.

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