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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Loss if Innocence

It would appear that some of the wonder has left the world. The whole saga on Harry Potter spoiler sites trying to release information before the big day has brought it home to me. Leave a little surprise for the rest of us will you...help us to keep a little more mystery and suspense in the world for a little longer. Of course now you can hardly escape the storyline on the web, but with the warnings and a little thought it is possible to avoid the scraps of info until you have a real copy in your hands.

Pirated DVD's abound, even in Zimbabwe. You usually have to wait a bit(read months) to get a flick here in Zim, but DVD's are available in the flea markets within 2 weeks of the film being released overseas (some of the covers are pretty legit looking as well). Sad, and not good for the guys trying to make a living out of the film industry.

While I still believe that the availabilty of information on the web is a great thing (the pros far outway the cons) there has been a loss of some of the surprise factor in life. You can find the 'how to' on a magic trick with a little help from Google in no time. Watching a magician once you know the secret is a little like watching a candle burn after seeing a bonfire.

Let's strive to keep a little bit of wonder in the world.

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