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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Single Thought

Prolific author Anthony Horowitz has a book series called The Power of Five (good reading for teenagers by the way. According to the blurb it began as a single thought…would it be possible to write a novel like Lord of the Rings, but set it here and now in the modern world. In a similar fashion, Starbucks began as the result of a single thought (according to The Starbucks Experience-see previous post)-what would happen if good quality coffee was combined with the European coffee house tradition and placed on the American market.

The power of a single thought.

The power of vision.

The problem is that often the single thought becomes mingles with a second thought that contradicts it (e.g. it’s not possible). Then you have di-vision; two separate visions.

If there where no limitations, what would be your personal ‘I wonder’.

‘I wonder if it is possible to have a best selling principle based book that impacts the lives of teens around the world?’
“I wonder if it is possible to make a world class physiotherapy experience affordable for everyone?”
“I wonder if it is possible to change the way business is done in the restaurant industry in Zimbabwe?”
“I wonder if I could learn to play the piano?”
“I wonder…”

Let your mind run wild.

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