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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Some insensitive prat dropped a cigarette butt down the loo at the practice today. Smoking in a public, health facility does little to endear anyone to me, but leaving your evidence bobbing along merrily in the bowl just triggers that part of me that desires to grab the miscreant by the scruff of the neck and force him to remove the offending item with his teeth. I’ll get over it-eventually.

Enough of that. Question of the week time! What is the best compliment that you have ever been paid? Have to think about it, or does the answer immediately spring to mind? Maybe you just haven’t had a compliment paid to you in a while. Did the compliment relate to talent or to character? What is your response to compliments in general-did you brush it off or accept it graciously? Why is this crazy guy asking all these questions?

Self examination brings insight. The answers to each of the above questions tell you a bit about yourself. My best compliment was from a waiter who told me that ‘I drive people differently’. He was referring to my unique management/leadership style. I appreciated it because I was questioning the effectiveness of my style at the time and looking for ways to improve it. I didn’t brush it off either. Humility has little to do with not accepting credit where credit is due. If you deserve praise or thanks then be grateful when it comes, you’ve earned it. Enjoy the moment and move on, not lauding it over people either.

Finally if you haven’t had a compliment for a while, try sowing some. Tell someone what you appreciate about them, better still, tell someone else about them in their presence. Build someone else up and then wait your turn.

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