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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The streets of Harare

Did you miss me? Had a busy week at the annual ACTION conference at Celebration Church last week-lots of fun and work.

I walked around the CBD in Harare recently, I had dropped a job off that would take a little while and had half an hour to spare, so I thought I would take a wonder around. As a child visits into the centre of town were a rarity and treated with awe and intrepidation, there was always much to see, buy and then there was high tea in one of the tearooms. What did I find this time?

The primary thing that struck me was the difference in maintenance levels between buildings. You can find two buildings next to each other, one well kept and the other in a state of disrepair (and usually filled with poor quality clients). Much I think has to do with the mindset towards maintenance and value of service. Offering a cheaper service does not always mean scrimping on things like maintenance. Africa is plagued by beautiful buildings(often built with donor money) that are left to fall into dilapidation due to a lack of foresight and preventative maintenance. Easy to obtain-hard to maintain.

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