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Monday, May 14, 2007

The joys of dial up

So there arn't any ok! At least though I have a connection to the net and can blog from the comfort of my office once again. We have a new PC and a new ISP-Zimbabwe On-line. Had very efficient and effective service from them. Managed to walk into their offices and out again with an acount within 15 minutes. Definitly a standard of excellence.

Broadband is still cost prohibitive at the moment as most of the infrastructure is still not in place. The change over is planned though-mainly because I have become increasingly frustrated with the slow dial up speeds this end of the world. Also, if I am to ever do some serious studying I will need access to the speed in order to download video feeds etc.

But for now the ponderance across the vast scape of the net continues at an infuriatingly tedious pace.

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