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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pain in the A

I was a good boy and went to the doc for a check up-BP a little low, nothing untoward and been meaning to go for a while. Blood tests came back with a low vitamin B12. The cure-a series of jabs, the injection itself is not bad, but the pain a few minutes later...

I have come to a new level of understanding as to why the phrase 'a pin in the butt' is used to desribe a situation that makes itching powder look tame.

Ok, enough about me and my overshare.

I have a new PC (nice little athelon 3.2 processor) and spent an overly large portion of the week testing it out (on games what else). Sounds aweful to say it, but this is the first decent computer that the practice has had in its five years of existance. Sad in a world that runs on the things. There is still that unmistakable thrill though when you realise that it belongs to 'you', not somethng that has been hired or as part of another project. Next on the list a new car...?

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