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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who you listening too?

At the risk of turning into a Daniel Radcliffe fan site(although if you are a fan check out the two previous posts) I thought it would be prudent to chat about something else tonight. As I sit looking out the fading sunset that colours a vast expanse of African sky, my thoughts are drawn to whom we really listen too. Often it is not what others say about, but what we think others are really saying about us that matters. If someone pays you a compliment and you think they are trying to ‘suck up’ to you then you are not going to receive the compliment, however true it may really be. If you believe the lie that someone has said about a colleague, it will change the way you relate to that colleague the next time you see them.

With the explosion of information on the web in recent years there is a lot of mis-truth about, truth that is filtered through personal perception and partly reported as fact. While that does not mean there is no truth in what is said on the web, I would encourage a healthy degree of scepticism from time to time, and also try track down as much first hand information as possible.

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