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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stripping it down.

So Daniel Radcliffe has stepped out of his clothes and into a new role in the play Equus. Judging from the media hype surrounding it, the star of the Harry Potter series caused quite a stir with his decision- even if most of it was centred around the moral issues of having a 17 year old naked on stage. Morality aside, it is a bold step and will probably break the ‘Potter’ character mould that has been created for him (it is difficult to write about him without mentioning the character he is currently best known for). While he will forever be known as the person who played Harry, in the same way Elijah Wood immortalised himself as Frodo in Lord of the Rings, it would be sad if that was all he is ever known for and lost his identity to a fictional character. For the world to continue to try shape and keep him as Harry will only result in disappointment on both sides. One hopes the play has a successful run and that he does it justice with his ability as an actor, and that in the process it grows and develops him both in terms of talent and character. In the very least it can help bring about the instance that if he is stopped in the street by well meaning fans that they call him ‘Daniel’ and not ‘Harry’.

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