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Sunday, April 15, 2007

I wonder why?

Abstinence sex education doesn’t work? Ooops now there’s a problem. A recent report studying 2000 teens receiving sex education has found no significant difference in the behaviour of a group receiving ‘abstinence-only’ sex education. Considering the current Bush administration’s focus on such programs this could be a problem for their budget, although according to a report in ‘The Washington Post’ they are denying the relevance of the study. Being pro-abstinence myself, I can only ask the obvious question (the one program designers are probably asking themselves) “why didn’t it work?”.

I can hazard a few guesses though. One is that giving people the pro’s and con’s of sex in the hope that they will ‘do it’ later is not enough. They need to internalise it and make the decision their own-not a government sponsored campaign’s. People often live by differing levels of preference. If your decision not to have sex is based on the preference ‘ I won’t because it’s not safe’, guess what, when you a situation that you perceive as safe comes along (e.g. use a condom) you’ll probably have sex. If you are ‘saving yourself for the true one I love’ is your reason, then when you meet a person you see as your ‘only love’, guess what, you probably will give yourself to them. I’m not arguing levels of morality here-if you choose to sleep with someone that’s your call. I’m merely pointing out, that as with nearly all our decisions in life, our decisions on sex as based on our internal beliefs concerning them.

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tkfmc said...

Internal beliefs... what are those!? Most of the kids these days watching TV and the like don't have any internal beliefs they just see what they think is fact and true. If you love someone then you sleep with them and likewise if you don't like someone, you kill them! People don’t seem to have an actual conscience anymore – if it feels good, do it! Of course at the same time people or the majority of them have forgotten what it’s like to not only have sympathy for our fellow man (or woman, to be politically correct) but also to empathise with each other. There is apparently nothing wrong in using people for one’s own desires and have no regard for the other person’s feelings, body, mind or soul.

When a so called intelligent university student is able to walk into a school and kill as many as possible of his own peers and lectures and blame everyone else other than himself there is something wrong with society. However, when 14 year olds are going out and stabbing one another, I think we already should know there is something wrong with the world!

At the same time when people willingly take part in consensual sex and when the woman falls pregnant, the majority of men will blame the woman especially if he was only in for the momentary satisfaction of his desires. Women at the same time will usually opt for the easy (and in my books, wrong) way out by having an abortion. However, these willing adults – they became adults as soon as they thought they were responsible enough to have sex, no matter what age they are – took part in something that they should have the responsibility of mind to see through to the very end and actually stand by decisions, be them right or wrong.

However, I digress….

The point is we live in a very strange world. People are actually having more promiscuous and polygamous sexual relationships now then ever and yet there is even more chances of contracting sexual diseases, AIDS being at the top of the most dangerous list of course. Why? Maybe because they are always thinking or rather hoping “it will never be me”. It will never be me that gets sick or this relationship is “the one” and “we” won’t break up or further more, I won’t get struck by lightening!

In the end, never say never because we can’t predict the future. If you think you are worth waiting for then you won’t have sex out of marriage and you will respect and love yourself and your partner. Then if you respect your life, you will respect the lives of the people around you as well as that possible life you may contribute to whether you want to call it an embryo or a baby.

That would asking for a perfect world….