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Sunday, January 07, 2007

A different kind of time.

Time announced their person of the year last week-its you! Rather than focus on a specific individual, they devoted an issue to web 2.0, the concept of the grassroots revolution that has created the dynamic organism that this blog is part of. Sure they focused on a few individuals, but this was to illustrate various aspects of the web. So from Youtube to Wikipedia, they celebrated the uniqueness of the individual and the collaborative whole. If you are not part of this global movement, then where have you been?

All this begs the question, what’s next? Is this just a short term burst of creativity that will flounder out in a short period as all but a few dedicated individuals neglect their blogs? Will government bureaucracy and legislation stifle the web? Or will it evolve into something different where even more people have access and can communicate through even more imaginative and inventive means? Imagine real time though processed onto the web for all to see via neuronal interconnectors with your brain, interacting through virtual screens projected in front of us. Sound sci-fi, but so did computers. The concept of the computer existed long before it came into being. The scenario I described with the complete openness of private thought is scary though, because beep down the individual in us longs for some privacy, can hide behind a fake avatar and the ability to turn off the PC at the end of a session.

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