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Friday, January 19, 2007

Reading lately?

“Mushrooms kill Family” was the headline in today’s paper. What type of malcontent fungi would commit such an atrocity and how did they perform the dastardly deed? I mean, was this a gang of small mushrooms that crushed their victims to death while bouncing on them in large numbers, or were they the larger chainsaw wielding variety of toadstool that needed to be quelled by the army? And do we not as a nation have anything better to report (preferably with a more accurate headline)?

Been catching up on my reading. I have currently been going through three books simultaneously, not my usual style, but effective. I am in the middle of Ed Cole’s ‘Real Man’ and Bill Bryson’s ‘ Here and There’ (very funny and satirical). The first book I have finished this year, however, was Pastor Bonnie Deuschle’s ‘The Great Connection’. It is essentially a parable outlining foundational truths on Christian Praise and Worship and is based on the Hebrew and Greek root words that are far more expressive than the English word ‘Praise’. I found it easy to read and understand, well laid out and planned. She has a Masters in Music Education that you can see has been put to good use, I am well versed with her teaching ability and am glad to say that it translates as well on paper as she does in her seminars. It is a great, practical read, not just for Christians everywhere but for anyone who desires a greater understanding of why people do what they do in some churches. Also if you want to see how to express ideas clearly and concisely, read this book.

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