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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And we have touchdown!

What a month. Shortly before my last post I was invited to America as part of a choir/dance tour. My role is to primarily tutor a number of the kids on tour to make sure they finish school on time. So a hectic few weeks of visa applications, bill finalising, shopping and sheer panic culminated in 48 hours of travel to arrive in Seattle last Friday. It has been a mind blowing and eye opening experience. Much work and many observations-too many to write about in one sitting.

So let me put down one that is fresh in my mind. The Oscars. Now I havn't watched them for a few years, but loved the way the best actor/actress awards were handled-with 5 previous winners each affirming and encouraging one of the nomminees. Very powerful. As for Kate Winslet's speech, I think that was an example of visualising your childhood dreams and making them come true-the shampoo bottle she held up in the mirror as an eight year old is not a shampoo bottle any more.

Will try write more soon.

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