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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Summary of Thought

All things considered there hasn’t really been anything major keeping me from writing. No earthquakes, no close calls with death, no infectious diseases; not much really. I have been busy though. I guess the menial in life got a little better of me, and when combined with a couple of curveballs that required a little more of my attention resulted in an absence from your screens. So I’m over it, I’m sure you already are.

Let’s see what has caught my attention recently. The efficiency of the American visa system (they may not always approve your visa but they are efficient-mine came through though), the monotony of complaints in Zimbabwe (the lack of government, the monopoly money, the dollarisation rumours-same junk different day), the fact that stretch classes work, what three weeks without coffee can do to your mood (clearer mind, not necessarily less grumpy) and raisins (they were cheap what can I say).

So, what does it all mean? Complaints about things you can’t change are a waste of time, extra flexibility is always cool and useful, give up something once in a while-it will make you a better person (I didn’t say quit forever), raisins are a great healthy alternative to sugar on your cereal, and you can’t beat certain systems. Have a brilliant day.

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