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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dancing Tall

I’m standing a little taller and straighter this week. No, I have not had surgery to have steel rods implanted in my spine, rather I have gone back to dance class. The class I go to usually involves 30 minutes of stretching, followed 30 minutes of conditioning (either barre work or core strengthening) before we even think of looking at a routine. Proper barre does wonders for a person’s posture.

Why am I even bothering to tell you all this? I stopped dancing about this time last year simply because there were not enough hours in the day to get it done. My life has been reshuffled a little and I now have a couple of those hours back. Dance also ties in with a couple of my other current goals-to be more fit and flexible and to meet new people and have more of a social outlet. It’s a pretty cool package deal on goals then. Also I really enjoy it. Now, I am not sure if I will get around to doing a show at all as that is a huge time commitment. For now I am content to have fun; I’ll face the pain of overstretched muscles another day.

PS for anyone looking for a social dance class in Zimbabwe you can contact Debbie on 492314

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