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Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Year's Sleep

It’s the second day of 2009 (my autodate in word has just informed me that I can ‘press enter’ to fill in the whole date to save me a whopping 0.1miliseconds of my life) and already the year has been a busy one; a bit of plumbing, a bit of gaming, a fair chunk of work and a little writing.

The idea of the New Year has always fascinated me. I mean, is the second before the stroke of midnight really any different from the one after? Time is, after all, a continuum and it is only humans who divide it into nice little parcels for the sake of management. The measurement of time with its divisions of 12 and 60 is so pre-metric and makes for such dreadful calculations that you would think that someone would have decimalised the clock by now. That would throw a generation of Swiss watch makers into disarray now wouldn’t it.

New Year, and the festive season in general, does at least provide a well needed rest. Most humans (in this case personified by yours truly) need regular breaks. I don’t care what the science tells you, my science says that without routine doses of eight hours of sleep and two weeks off every six months or so I become a run-down, irritable, grouchy jerk who cannot function at full capacity. Now I know many people who survive on less, but that’s just it, they survive but do they really flourish? Most articles I’ve read, probably written by researchers who love their duvet, recommend 8 hours of sleep a night. That sort of article is wonderful for sleep addicts like me. Regardless of your personal preference for dozing habits here’s to a prosperous and fun-filled 2009.

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Edward Kunonga said...

Good article. Reminds me of God's perfect design for man! When God created man, His design was for man to work and labour in six days and on the seventh day have a much deserved rest, yes a full day!! He made a provision for us to have ime away from our busy-ness and business. Time to spend with those who we love most, time to reflect on the direction we are travelling, but above all time to worship Him.

A story is told of two men who were employed as wood cutters. One was very much work focused, not taking any breaks and wanting to get the job done (zealous you might say!). the other man was flexible in his working patterns often taking time to be away from the 'graft'. By the end of the day it turns out the latter man, had cut more trees than the zealous grafter. Asked why the diffrence when he had spent lesser time on the job, he said "during my breaks, I was sharpening my axe!"

Indeed if we are to remain efficient, effective and energetic we should take time to sharpen our axes, daily, weekly, monthly, six monthly etc...