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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Booking an Appointment

Hmm it's been a little longer than usual between posts (just under a fortnight to be correct). It hasn't been for a shortage of writing material, it's probably due to an increase in my workload and a temporary devaition from my normal routine as a result. Consistent blogging, really consistent anything, takes a regular appointment with yourself to achieve it. Faliure to set that appointment will result in other things swallowing the time.

So what's going on? There is the compounding of the Zimbabwe situation by the water crisis in Harare. The city ran dry yesterday, thankfully my taps were back on last night but I have many friends who are not so fortunate. Money has the same tensions on it as time it seems-unless you budget for and schedule maintenance it will not take place.

Then there are my preparations to attend a PX2 conference in Kenya over the weekend. PX2 is a program from The Pacific Institute aimed at young people. I'm going as part of a team to learn and see how we can launch it here in Zimbabwe. It promises to be an exciting experience and one that is part of me fulfilling my purpose. Will give you feedback when I get back (unless I can connect online while I'm there)

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