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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Wa-hey! What a week! Spent last weekend in Kenya experiencing The Pacific Institute’s PX2-their young peoples program. What a blast. Then after a somewhat rerouted flight (thanks to an Air Kenya cancellation) I co-facilitated the course here in Zimbabwe where we took 30 young people through the material. Facilitating the course has been a goal of mine for the last year and it was almost overwhelming to experience the fulfilment of that dream. Not that the dream stops there, but as TPI teaches, you need progressive goals. Now we move onto the next step with bigger plans and goals.

The TPI programmes are a worthwhile investment for anyone who desires to expand their horizons and to achieve their dreams and goals. Based on cognitive psychology they offer a structured process that really works. The course is not a magic wand that is a fix all, but it gives you the tools to work on your life. For me it is the ‘MacGyver’ knife in my toolbox.

I will give more feedback and thoughts on my trip in another post, but for now I am going to savour the emotion of an achieved dream.

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