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Friday, February 29, 2008

What's he gots in his pocketses?

How much money do you usually carry in your pocket? If you shop in the increasingly plastic word of debit cards, how much money do you usually keep in your account? No don't post the answer as a comment here! In Zimbabwe carrying cash is often an inconvenience (you carry the 10 million required for a cup of coffee in 100 000 dollar notes). There are little habits we fall into without realising it-how did you get to work today? Is it really the most convenient route? Now what stops you carrying more cash? Honestly. Or do you get an irrational compulsion to spend money when you have more than a certain amount.

Someone suggested that I increase the amount of cash I carry this week (non-normal denominations)-rather like consiously developing a new habit. Here's the freaky part-it worked. Not only did I manage, but by the end of the week I had people giving me the stuff. I didn't announce it to anyone in particular, it just took place. Cooincidence-maybe, but then again probably not once you understand how the mind works to create opportunities for you to get what you think about. Have a brilliant weekend.

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