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Friday, February 08, 2008

Facing Reality

While optimism is a great trait, you need to simultaneously face the reality of your current situation. It was refreshing to see that the December issue of Entrepreneur Magazine was devoted to recovery from failure. This was especially relevant to me as December was a horrendous month for me business wise. The practice nearly went under as a result of the cash shortages and banking problems that bedevilled our nation at that point in time (Dec and Jan are our peak expense months with variable income). Rather scary really. With hindsight, while most of the circumstances were not my fault, there were a number of things I was not doing that were highlighted during this period (you need to keep careful tabs on who owes you money). Thankfully, we made it through the crisis, although some hard decisions had to be made at the time and are on our way out of the woods. I could have buried my head in the sand and ignored it all, then I wouldn’t be sitting in my office today. Likewise it would be foolish for the publishing world to ignore the advent of digital publishing, for the music industry to think that MP3’s will vanish like a bad dream, we have to face the reality of things and make the appropriate decisions or face oblivion (or at the least an unpleasant future).

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