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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Purpose, passion and the New Year

The New Year is but a few hours old and my mind is already abuzz with ideas to write. It’s amazing how sometimes you can be stuck for a topic and at other times have to decide between 3 or 4 different ideas.

I guess I’ll start with purpose this year. People strive for significance, to be greater than they are and to leave an impact in some manner that extends beyond the scope of their lifespan. I mean, think about it, the idea that in the grand scheme of time you are but a breath and will be forgotten by the majority within a few short years after your death is a rather unpleasant concept. Somehow in the whole quest for significance comes the idea of purpose-that there is something that you are set to do, by fate, society, a higher conscience, the universe, God-take your pick. Now it’s a large leap for some people and there are those who believe that you create your own purpose. For me though, I take the first option, that there is a purpose to my life in which I will find fulfilment (not necessarily without a struggle though). “Oh my gosh, I have a purpose, I have to find it out or I will fail!”-panic, major psychological trauma! Relax it’s not that bad, I think.

While the fine tuning may take a while the chances are you are already in some manner living out a part of your purpose, whether it be; to make people laugh, to collect ideas, to challenge others to higher levels of life, to create new inventions. It’s that part of you that you get an inner ‘yes!’ from, the part of you that feels passionately about a task, situation, group of people and when you are involved in it you feel energised and in your ‘zone’. Someone asked me how close passion and purpose were linked-I’d say he hit it right on the head. Purpose aside, passion is a great help. Let’s take the scenario where purpose doesn’t exist and you still want to achieve sustained success and significance. You are more likely to succeed and stick with something that energises and invigorates you, and success promotes future success. Taking on things that you are passionate about is the key to this, as well as keeping to a minimum those things that are passion killers. Imagine a day where all you do, every minute of the day, is achieve a level of fulfilment and satisfaction from doing things you love. Imagine the buzz, the thrill, the joy. It’s not as far fetched as you may think.

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