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Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Zimbabwean Week.

What a week! I taught three new subjects to two junior high classes this week. Despite having worked with teenagers for a number of years, teaching a class of them is a little more daunting, but a lot of fun. I am amazed at their capacity to learn and to absorb information. There is so much information available to them these days that it is little wonder that they have the capacity to absorb and filter through so much.

Talking of the preponderance of information on the web, I finally came across Seth Godin’s blog while sifting through the vast, seething tide of cyberspace. The ease with which humour, relevance and wisdom from his keyboard is inspiring, I guess I just like his style. Have a look if you haven’t already.

Oh and we had a 20 hour nationwide powercut saturday-sunday, there was a power flow reversal that tripped a whole bunch of power stations in the region, don't know all the technical details but not fun I assure you. Power's back now, well intermittently so at least a hot bath, oh the decadance of luxury.

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