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Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 to 2008

It’s New Year’s Eve! Again. Strange that, we always seem to be shocked that the season has come upon us so quickly, as if it wasn’t going to come round again.

Where to begin? I have a brilliant Christmas in Kariba with a whole bunch of friends-old and new. Truly amazing time, no pictures yet, but there will be some soon.

Tonight I will celebrate New Years Eve with some other friends among a crowd of 3000 people. I’ve had a variety of New Years in the past, from the simple family ones to the sleep through, in crowds and with one or two people. Either way, tonight will be fun and exciting.

Despite the party, I tend to take this time of year to reflect on things past and to look to things ahead. I no longer make New Years resolutions. They tend not to work as they are generally set in the negative ( ‘I have to stop…, I must give up, I need to cut back on…). Rather I make affirmations, set in the first person, positive, present tense. This triggers positive pictures and emotions to help you achieve your end result. People may want to stop smoking, but can’t imagine what it looks like to stop, and until they do then there is little hope.

So crack out the champagne, have some great food and imagine all the positive the next year will bring. For me this year promises to be a year of travel, impact and expansion as I take my practice and other business interests to new levels. Enjoy the ride!

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