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Monday, December 10, 2007

Where does the Golden Compass point for you

I see the reviews for ‘The Golden Compass’ are out and about. Varied reports and box office success by the look of things. Surprisingly, considering the anti-theistic issues in the books, I have not received one single e-mail originating from the Christian right decrying the movie. Compare this to the weight of spam that flooded my inbox concerning a certain boy-wizard when HP hit the screens. Perhaps this is because Philip Pulman has been fairly open about his religious views, whereas the accusations levelled against Ms Rowling were largely unsubstantiated. Or possibly the fear of apostasy is less in this case when introduced to the concept of the parallel universe. Back to the idea of movie reviews. They are really someone’s opinion of a movie, hopefully backed up by a wealth of experience in the field. Opinion, however, does not always equate to truth. Have you ever disagreed with a review of a movie or a book-chances are probably.

Movie reviews are one thing, but what about the personal reviews of your life? Who is telling you ‘the truth’? What comments being made about you are not necessarily true and are holding you back? Some comments are probably relevant and should be taken seriously, but there are a number which should be thrown out with the garbage and burnt in some thought erasing incinerator. You alone are responsible for your life and the consequences of your actions. Who says you can’t have the career you want? Why can’t you try a new hobby because someone close to you says that ‘it’s just not you’?

At the end of the day though, is there somewhere you can find the ‘ultimate truth’ or do you just make your own? Is there a guideline to stop me killing someone because I think it is ‘ok’ and fits in with my ‘truth’? I would suggest that you could start by finding a basis in an ancient philosophical or religious text (I personally am a little fanatical about the Judeo-Christian Bible, but look into the Koran, Buddhist texts, writings of Plato etc.). That way you have some boundaries, otherwise the rest of the dream is up to you.

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Bodmas said...

Wow, that was fun, just ran in the rain. Left my umbrella while I walked to the shops, then a downpour unleased on the way home. Now I havn't done that in years. Growing up you were probably told 'don't run in the rain or you'll catch cold'. Truth is you probably won't if you fit and healthy and havn't just walked through a crowd of virus coughing people. I havn't run in the rain like taht since high school-what a blast.