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Monday, October 22, 2007

Powered up?

Shhh now, stop what you are doing and listen carefully. Do you hear it yet, it’s at the bottom end of human hearing. That’s it, you’ve got it-the gentle hum of the generators in Zimbabwe. With electricity charges below cost and little forex for maintenance and importing a balance of power from a region already facing critical shortages, many Zimbabweans have gone the generator route. My offices are on a critical hospital grid and last week for the first time in ages we had a major fault that also hit most of residential Harare. This was not your normal load shedding that routinely happens at home. Give our authorities their due, they managed to get one hospital on line within 24 hours and we were back within 2 days, rest of those affected are generally still out.

We had to get a large generator to power the theatre where I was performing in a dance show. As it was, we lost one performance due to someone’s inefficiency in obtaining a power source in time. The show itself was a blast, I love performing for a live audience, especially a responsive one. We had fun as a cast and are now enjoying a well deserved rest from dance. Would not like to do this full time and hold down a day job at the same time. Next show? Who knows, but probably not for a while, but I enjoy dancing and will end up on stage again I’m sure.

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