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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Half way there

It’s about to rain, which is actually bad news for me seeing as I cycled into my office today. I have patients in hospital this weekend and it’s my turn to take care of them while the rest of the world enjoys a break. Working on the weekend can be frustrating at times, but for me it’s only once in a while so I can generally pay the price in the short term. I knew about being on call before I even started my degree in Physiotherapy and was well aware that at times I would have to sacrifice a few days. There were a number in my class who had no idea, some had no idea about physio at all but lets ignore that. I am very pro the idea of trying something out before you commit totally, e.g. as a student visit the sort of area you want to work in, see what its like. If you want to run a hotel, spend some time with a hotel manager/owner. If you want to retire to the Costa del Sol, visit it to see if you can and still want to live there. That's why you get to test drive a vehicle and to try on clothes in the store. Keep an open mind, it’s probably not wise to base your negative assumption on one experience, get a couple of views on the topic. There we go that’s it for today. Me, I’m off to find a hot cup off coffee-if I can avoid getting drenched. Oh and the photos from earlier today, the view from the hospital's top floor

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