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Monday, October 15, 2007


Disappointment comes to us all at some time or another. Someone pointed out to me once that you can look at it as if you had an appointment with destiny and were dis (failed to happen)-appointed. Bearing that in mind, I was disappointed with the dvd, Eragon, I watched this weekend. It’s a far cry from what I had expected. I have read, fortunately before watching the movie, the Christopher Paolini novel on which it is based and thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to the third instalment of the trilogy. I can appreciate the poetic license involved in cutting a large novel into a 2 hour screen play, but I mean honestly the elf didn’t even have pointed ears-a feature repeatedly mentioned in the book. About the only positive point was watching Jeremy Irons in action, I love his acting style. So yes, not happy. The way around disappointment (or failure) is to use it to drive you to greater heights, not to give up. There will be other movies.

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