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Saturday, August 11, 2007


A long weekend here in Zimbabwe and I'm working!!!! The extra punctuation marks may appear a little excessive but that's how I feel about it. It's a holiday-I shouldn't have patients in hospital. I only have three this weekend, but I still value my breaks.

Plans for the weekend-gaming, movies and reading. Probably a suntan in there as well.

On wednesday some friends of mine decided to mug me in my yard-complete with balaklavas, BB guns and general menacing. I thought I was about to die. When a shadow steps out of the dark and points what appears to be a weapon at you, you realise rather quickly what you value. For me it was my life. I would like to say that I valianetly beat them to a pulp, rushed them heroically whilst performing a series of nija style moves, but alas none of the above. I tried to make as much noise to wake the neighbours and yelled my head off while bracing for a bullet.

I suppose I can be grateful that i have an opportunity to think on my reaction and plan for any future senario. I have reviewed my house security and an in the process of changing a few things around. Still could have done without the shock.

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