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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Been ill for the last few days-I hate being sick. Rather make that loathe, dislike, intense feelings of negative emotion etc. Made my point.

The only positives were a few extra days at home(mostly sleeping but managed a few games) and a general time to reflect on life. Just happens to coincide with a significant birthday in a few days. No I'm not having an extra early mid-life crisis, I just had some time to think and look at things and to decide on what I would really like in life. Where I would like to stay, what sort f house I'd like, what sort of lifestyle..and then to start to ask what might I need to do to get there in the not to distant future. It's one thing to want to own your own house, but do you know how the properties market works? So plenty of reflection...and more of it needed. I want to go on holiday before the end of the year so will make plenty more time for deep thought

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