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Sunday, August 26, 2007

P.A.R.T. Y? Because I got to

Yes, time marches on, and as so many people were quick to point out this week I am a whole year older. I decided (perhaps rather lately) to hold a party for myself at the restaurant that I work at. Nothing too fancy; cake, icecream, friends that I knew would be there,that sort of thing-if I left you out sorry but little planning time went into the spur of the moment decision. Having never held my own party before,this was a bit of a novelty. Still it went well, was fairly well attended and left me feeling good.

One of my friends gave the Narnia soundtrack as a gift-I have wanted this soundtrack since I first watched the movie, but never got round to getting it. A dream fulfilled. I love the music; it inspires and triggers my imagination. I placed it on my Ipod(another great gift) immediatly. I find it easier to write with such stimulation playing.
It's important to know what triggers you, what stimulates best performance. It may be a time of day, a piece of music, a particular environment, a particular person. Identify your triggers and use them to promote you to better action. You may save the work that needs your best attention for a particular timeframe, or like me you may have inspirational music playing the whole time. It all helps

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