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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little Bit Longer

Quitting is always an option when faced with potential (or actually experiencing) failure. Of course its an option-you just stop doing what you were doing and run away from it. Its just an otion that many people prefer not to take. Well that's not true either,plenty of people quit all the time. What stops people quitting (or from getting up again from failure) is when the picture of succcess is no longer stronger than the picture/experience of failure.

The other interesting fact is that most people 'quit' when they succeed as well. Seriously the guy just won a 100m race,he's not going to run another 100m down the track after the finish line without good reason. He will, however, return to run another race to try beat his time. I encourage you to continue to find other solutions after you have found one that works. How many ways can you rearrange your house? What more can be done to improve your product or refine the manufacture process? How many different ways are there to work? Be creative just a little bit longer.

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