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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The throes of justice

The normally well-oiled cogs of the justice system are slowly grinding to a halt here in Zimbabwe, well maybe not a halt, rather a grating on the ears and mental tolerance of all concerned. I had to attend court today. Actually I didn't need to be there, it was a remand hearing which does not require my physical presence as complainant. The police required a lift to court today, along with the gentleman who tried to build a wall in my head. He behaved himself all the way to court and didn't seem to mind my driving. I gave him plenty of opportunity to try escape in the hope that I could reverse over him, but no such luck.

The court building in Harare was designed to be a landmark, something that stands out from other architecture. Unfortunaly, years of neglect have left it a pale shade of its former glory. There is an ongoing strike by one of the groups working in the building that left only one court running today, but noone tels you that till you ask. So I was let a merry trail from office to office to court room looking for my case. It was finally heard and my assailant remanded till later this month. Justice may not be blind here in Zimbabwe, but could do with a pair of spectacles and maybe a Zimmer frame.

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