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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Break of the Movie Curse

Finally, with suave, sophistication and thought-provoking brilliance, the curse of hopeless movies was broken this weekend. ‘V for Vendetta’ and ‘The History Boys’ elevated the status of ones weekend from drab to dazzling with a combination of clever English, action and controversial themes. ‘V’ raises the moral question concerning the justification of the violent overthrow of the state when you face an oppressive system that leaves you no other option for expression, while the ‘French Lesson’ in ‘History’ will be long remembered for it’s humour.

Looking back over the last week I seem to have engaged in a variety of new or unusual activities. First there was the hiring of the German prostitute-just joking, my virtue is still intact. I made jam (a first), constructed a model plane (last done when I was 10), managed a 10kn walk(walk, what’s walking), was involved in a video shoot, and had coffee with people I don’t usually speak to. All of the above without panic, fear or the thought that I was out of my depth. Why the changes? Well, why not? If only it were that simple. As humans we are locked firmly in the grasp of the routine and familiar, and any deviation from the normal pattern is often an anxious process (go on, step into the restroom of the opposite sex). ‘Different becomes dangerous’ as ‘V’ aptly put it. We resent being pushed out of our comfort zones and eagerly desire to return to the safety of the familiar. There is nothing wrong with the familiar, it keeps us stress free and sane, until it limits our potential and causes us to make excuses not to venture forward. Then we need to make a new familiar, elevating our comfort zones through imagination and intelligent rationalisation and flow into it. The jam did not boil over, I did not stick my fingers together, my feet didn’t hurt, the make-up was bearable and the conversation stimulating. All in all, upon reflection, a brilliant week.

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