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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Had a tooth out today, one of my lower wisdom ones. Do not recommend this anytime soon. The irritating part is that it hurts more now than before the procedure, for some reason my tooth was painfree despite all that was happening to it. I could have had a filling, but refuse to have the mercury amalgam ones, despite all the assurances from the FDA and dental associations (if I gave you half a teaspoon of mercury, silver and nickel would you swallow it…exactly…so why put it in your mouth). But I digress. The other filling types don’t take well in wisdom teeth which left really one option.

The amazing part was the amount of tooth below the gum line-probably a good 70% of the total tooth size. How often do we just look at the end product or at the obvious issues when dealing with a situation. I have a new found respect for looking below the surface. Take another example, the chicken pie you eat in the restaurant takes up to 3 hours to prepare. First you cook the chicken, debone it, mix it with other stuff, make the pastry, let the pastry prove, shape and bake the pie and someone comes and eats it in 5 minutes. Everyone looks at Bill Gates and Oprah in the now, at their current wealth. They often forget how far they have come or the hardships endured in the early years. Don’t forget your history, it will give you a new appreciation of the future.

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