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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Reading 'Think Big' by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker (Bill who you ask? Read and find out, but he knows a little about marketing-put the big name first!) What can I say, Trump can come across as an arrogant,no-nonsense, kick-ass, son-of-a-bitch (arrogance that is well deserved, he kicks rear anyway, I might have gone a little overboard on the last one though-his mother is probably not a bitch so apologies there Mrs Trump). I don't share Trump's value system, but this is still a great read. It is written in simple terms, gets your attention and gives some constructive insight into the mind of one of life's 'greats'. He is brutally honest and is probably not to concerned with your feelings; he's concerned with your success.

One of the issues he touches on is momentum. One of the reasons for a hiatus from this blog. Momentum is powerful in that the more you do, the more it builds. The converse is true. Stop and you will lose it all. I guess I lost a little momentum along the way and put regular posts on hold for a bit. Not the greatest confession but we move on...

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