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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yeno Lo Golf

‘Caddie where is the ball?’
‘Madam, it is by your left heel’
These lines from a long forgotten comedy show used to sum up my idea of golf.

Until a couple of years ago I would probably never had looked at a golf club let alone picked one up. Golf was a sport for people with time to waste (especially by other members of the health community) and if I had been asked to play I would have made up a million other disdainful excuses. The real reason, like most real reasons, was that I was a little afraid of the unknown, a little afraid of failure. As a result I would avoid and belittle anything outside my comfort zone. ‘The Pacific Institute’ changed that for me, made me a little more outward looking. Hence, I found myself on a golf course on Saturday hacking around the rough at the edge of the fairway, chipping the occasional shot in, and having a total blast. While it may be a little while before I pick out my own set of clubs, I enjoyed an experience that negative, irrational perceptions may have ruined.

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