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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Planning memories again

I have a gentle burning sensation in both glutei. The cause was excessive involvement in 4-square this week end. 4-square is a knock out game played on a court of 4 squares (surprise there) where the ball has one mandatory bounce in your square before you return it, any more or less and you are out. Enough on the rules, one of the crew that I usually PC game with was leaving the country and we were having one last LAN session to be spent slaughtering avatars and bots. At the end of the day though we played very little on the computer, preferring to spend time outside playing other more sociable activities in the glorious afternoon sun and then later, as the chill of autumn sneaked in, to play more traditional and interactive board games. I hadn’t played 4-square in a couple of years, hence the pain. Good food and good company and an appropriate celebration of a friendship that now takes on a different form. It was at the end of it all a perfect memory. Creating memories is often an intentional process with many unintentional results. We had planned to get together, but none of us planned the fun, the games we would end up playing and the interaction we would have. All in all it worked out rather well.

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