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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

200 and counting

This is my 200th post! It also coincides with my 2 year ‘blogaversary’ (give or take a couple of weeks). What started out as an experiment in seeing how the web works has become an outlet for creativity and expression. I wasn’t sure when I started that I could sustain the rate of 2 posts a week, but I’ve come pretty close. It always amazes me that there is always something to write. Some days I have had more than one idea and put one on hold, other days I have had to dredge through experience to find something relevant to say. It’s been a pretty hectic two years at that. I have lost a parent, started 2 other jobs and ended one of them, finished a book, invested a bunch of money in myself, and in general shifted my view point on life rather significantly-plenty of water gone under the bridge. The one thing I can say of this experience is that it is worth trying different things; you never know how well they may turn out.

The future? Well, I have a better sense of direction about life now, but in the short term I already have a couple of ideas for my next post.

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